April 23, 2019

Schonbach Launches Garbage Chutes In India

ME Universal, India’s leading innovative and customized project solution providers for the commercial real estate and industrial sector, has collaborated with Schonbach Garbage Chute System for tech-based waste management in high-rise buildings and large structures. Schonbach, a prestigious brand from Italy, started their operations in Indian with Sales and Manufacturing licensing to ME Universal Engineering, also offers a range of Customizable Smart Waste Bins and Central Vacuum Cleaning System.

Schonbach Garbage Chutes are developed as effective solutions to the problems of garbage collection and disposal for multiple-leveled high-rise buildings for residential and commercial apartments, with the in-built advantages of convenience, efficiency, safety, and hygiene.

The company has designed Schonbach Chutes with an exhaust system to provide a lower limit of 20 air exhausts every hour. The chutes also have intake hoppers that can withstand 90 minutes of fire rated and comes with discharge-end fire doors for optimal safety. The Schonbach Chutes allow garbage collection for an entire high-rise building at a single point facilitating the separate collection of ‘Dry’ & ‘Wet’ garbage.

Fabrizio Borloni, Co-founder, Schonbach, said, “With its waste-nothing approach to resource management, ME Universal offers Technology Driven Waste Management Solutions, which can help our clients manage their recycling programs in an efficient manner in both economically and environmentally sound approach.”

“Our target market in India is majorly focused on high-rise buildings from 5 to 50 floors and more. Apart from that, we are also proposing customized solutions for airports, schools, hospitals, and government structures. The Schonbach Garbage Chute System removes the need for manual removal and handling of garbage in multi-storied complexes and automates the complete process keeping environmental safety at priority. We are proud to announce that our product is the first-of-its-kind tech-based waste management solution in the world, which offers a smart solution in Garbage Chute with the application of periodic maintenance report and breakdown for the building owner,” Borloni added.

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