May 21, 2019

Oyo Hotels & Homes Unveils Oyo Lite Globally

Oyo Hotels & Homes has introduced Oyo Lite, a lighter version of its consumer app, globally. The new Lite app is designed to work in low connectivity areas. It incorporates all the functionalities of the Oyo app and is less than 7% of the size of the current Oyo app.

Presently, Oyo Lite is live and available to consumers across the globe on android devices. 

Anil Goel, Chief Technology Officer, Oyo Hotels & Homes, said, “The Lite app will enable travellers to make last minute travel plans without worrying about network and availability of quality accommodations at the tap of a button. With security, quality, location and price being key considerations for a majority of travellers in the budget to mid-scale segment, Oyo aims to help create a perfect space in every place by solving for each of the said considerations through a combination of technology and on-ground interventions.”

“Oyo Lite has also been designed as a solution to key problems users face - connectivity and space/storage constraints on phones. We feel that this product would be ideal for travellers who are remotely connected to the internet as well as those with basic smartphones,” he further stated.

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