April 23, 2019

Linesight Opens Its Office In Mumbai

Linesight, the multinational construction consultancy firm, has opened its office in Mumbai, India. As part of its expansion plans in the region, Linesight intends to focus on Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and the Hyderabad metro cities of India.

Gerry Kelly, Consul General, Consulate General of Ireland, Linesight, said, "I am very pleased to welcome the opening of the new office in India by Linesight. Coming at the same time as the opening of the new Consulate General of Ireland in Mumbai this is a further example of the growing economic links between Ireland and India in general and the Mumbai region in particular."

"Linesight’s presence in Mumbai represents a significant investment for the company and will allow them to attract new talent to the company, expand their services to local and multinational clients here and foster strategic partnerships for the long-term. I am confident that this will prove to be a successful venture and will encourage further investment by Irish companies in the Indian market," he added.

John Butler, Managing Director, APAC, Linesight, stated, "Linesight’s Indian clients and Indian-based multinationals, who are clients of Linesight elsewhere, have requested our presence on the ground here. Having a local base allows us to service both our clients more effectively, develop strategic partnerships, access local resources, formulate the most up-to-date market insights, and gain a deeper knowledge of the region. Our Regional Director for India, Darshan Joshi, brings extensive industry experience and regional expertise and is a great addition to our team. This is an exciting time for Linesight as we continue to expand globally, and we look forward to seeing the potential of the Indian market unfold."

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