April 22, 2019

IndiGo Looks For Wider International Expansion

IndiGo has started its flight on the Delhi-Istanbul sector. India's budget carrier has announced to use its expanding fleet of A320neo and A321neo aircraft for connecting more Indian cities to countries like China, Vietnam, England, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia.

William Boulter, Chief Commercial Officer of IndiGo, said, "We are looking very seriously into other points in South East Asia, notably the obvious ones of Vietnam and Myanmar. We also want to operate shortly to Saudi Arabia on the west side."

"We are seriously interested in getting in China as soon as we can. We are still selecting precise destinations. India operates only five flights from here to China per week, whereas China operates 42 flights to India per week. It's basically time that we start readdressing that balance. I am convinced that there is a huge amount of traffic in India-China axis. We have not yet tapped that," he added.

IndiGo is planning to add 125 A321neo aircraft in its fleet over number of years. In 2019, the airline will receive 20-25 of these aircraft from Airbus. While A321neo aircraft has the capacity to carry around 230 passengers, A320 neo carries around 180 passengers.

Boulter stated, "Once we get more A321s, we will do more longer routes." 

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