May 21, 2019

Impactall Introduces 3D Learning App For Students

Impactall is bringing the Impactall Classroom App for Schools in order to make learning effective, immersive, and enjoyable. Impactall offers educational 3D and VR app solutions.

The Impactall Classroom App will help students overcome common obstacles faced while learning. The cross-sectional and longitudinal study will be enabled through 3D models, leading to a deeper understanding of subjects.

Apart from teaching just a subject, the app also allows students to improve their critical thinking and reasoning skills. It further permits teachers to upload notes and its virtual reality applications provide lifelike 360-degree tours.

Srishti Mittal, Founder of Impactall, said, “Learning shouldn’t be seen as learning, it should be seen taken as something that engages your curiosity. Students must be instilled with curiosity to learn and be able to use the knowledge they acquire to solve real-world problems. To do so they should be able to use knowledge from one discipline to another, whenever possible and that is creativity. For current generation, reasoning skills will be required in order to excel in solving superior problems. This is why the Impactall Classroom App is apt for the success of every student.”

“Impactall’s app allows students to develop faculties which are essential for learning and for excelling in the future. We’re confident that students who learn using the Impactall app will have a deeper level of understanding of subjects than possible elsewhere,” she added.

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