April 23, 2019

Google Launches YouTube Music & YouTube Premium In India

YouTube has introduced YouTube Music, its new music streaming service, in India.

Apart from YouTube Music, which is an ad-supported version of YouTube's music streaming service, the company is also offering YouTube Music Premium, a paid version of YouTube Music.

YouTube Music Premium gives users uninterrupted access to tracks and videos, besides allowing them to play songs and videos in the background on a phone as they toggle between apps, write a text message or even lock their devices to put them in the pocket. In addition, YouTube Music Premium further permits users to download songs from the platform.

T Jay Fowler, Director of product management, music products, YouTube, said, "We have spent a lot of time looking at the YouTube users. We have also spoken to a lot of these users across the world. There are people who use YouTube to listen to music, to discover all that they like."

"We know that India loves watching music videos on YouTube, be it the vibrancy, choreography, stars and glamour. Music from India has always been so much more than just the audio. Therefore for us, with the launch of YouTube Music, all the emphasis is on the familiar and to make every user experience richer as they start using the service," he further stated.

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