April 22, 2019

D-Alive Introduces Sugar-Free Thandai For Diabetic People

D-Alive has launched organic, sugar-free thandai, designed specifically for people with diabetes.

The product has been made with 100% natural ingredients, completely free from all sorts of adulteration, chemicals and additives. The thandai mix of D-Alive is a flavourful blend of organic spices.

Sarrah Kapasi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, D-Alive, said, “We are on a mission to make India diabetes-friendly, and targeting one occasion at a time. Last year, we thoughtfully coincided the brand launch with Diwali, to end dessert deprivation for people with diabetes especially during festivities by introducing a range of Indian sweets. Next was Til Ke Laddu for Makarsankranti, which is currently the bestseller. And, we noticed, this strategy is working in our favour.”

“Thandai is part of our just-launched category of pre-mixes, making it the latest offering by D-Alive. We are looking at addressing every gap that we identify in providing alternate food solutions, especially during such occasions,” she added. 

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