May 21, 2019

Columbia Pacific Management To Launch Senior Living Homes In Bengaluru

Columbia Pacific Management, the US-based international healthcare provider, will open its first senior living community in Bengaluru.

Dan Baty, Founder of Columbia, said, "With expertise in planning and executing senior living projects across Asia, Canada and the US, we bring the legacy to India. We are positive our first community in the landscape will shape our presence, globally."

After acquiring Serene Retirement Homes in March 2017, the Seattle-headquartered Columbia is serving 1,600 residential homes in nine communities across five cities in south India. These five cities where the retirement homes have been set up are Bengaluru in Karnataka, Chennai, Coimbatore and Kanchipuram in neighbouring Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Mohit Nirula, Chief Executive Officer, Columbia, said, "Our signature property will have products, services and medical care to cater to the growing middle class, guided by our expertise and international standards."

The company develops and operates hospitals, clinics and senior housing across Asia with locations in China, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The statement said, "All these countries have growing ageing populations, rising middle and upper-middle-class populations, an under-supply of quality healthcare and senior care facilities. They also have an increasing rate of non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiac diseases - creating an unprecedented demand for healthcare services and senior housing."

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