April 19, 2019

Burger Singh To Hire 100 Employees In Jaipur By 2021

One of the largest chains of homegrown Indian flavour burgers Burger Singh is hiring over 100 employees in the next two years in the pink city.

The most loved chain of Indianised burgers recently announced its Jaipur hiring and expansion plan for the next two years.

Burger Singh also aims to open six new outlets in Jaipur within next 24 months.

"Jaipur is one of the top business markets for us, and we will be launching six new outlets in the city within the next 2 years,” shared Kabir Jeet Singh, Founder and CEO of Burger Singh.

The hiring will be made for both, on ground operations, and the corporate office.

Burger Singh currently has 420 employees in Delhi NCR. "To support our operations in the city, we shall employ over 100 resources", added Singh.

The burger chain has already stepped in the UK (United Kingdom) with two outlets at North London and planning to set up more in the coming years. Also, the company plans to invest substantially in the burgeoning concept of drive-through and aims to launch 10 drive-thru outlets in next two years.

It has a strong presence in West & North India with 25 outlets in Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Dehradun, Nagpur and Pune.

Burger Singh raised over $4 Million in two rounds of pre-seed funding and Series A funding from both strategic & angel investors.

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