April 22, 2019

Brewhouse Ice Tea To Introduce Carbonated Ice Tea

Brewhouse Ice Tea, promoted by Positive Food Ventures, is launching carbonated ice tea under the same brand name. The Delhi-based bottled beverage startup is also eyeing to scale up its beverage business as the peak summer season kicks in.

In late 2018, the two-year-old company had secured a loan of $2 million from Food Empire Holdings Group, the Singapore-based listed foods and beverages firm.

Food Empire Holdings are a strategic investor. So far, the company hasn’t had a consumer-facing venture in India. 

Sidharth Jain, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Brewhouse Ice Tea, said, "Food Empire Holdings’ focus is to build a long term FMCG business in India, which may not just be restricted to tea. Positive Food Ventures will focus on bringing healthier food and beverage concepts to consumers."

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